How to Choose the Best Smart Lock in 2024


Welcome to the future of home security—smart locks are not just convenience gadgets anymore; they've become essential elements of a robust security system. Imagine returning home with arms full of groceries and unlocking your door with a simple voice command or getting a notification when your kids get home from school. That's the reality with smart locks, which give you control, flexibility, and peace of mind.


However, choosing the best smart lock in 2024 is no small task. With a market bursting at the seams with options, it's crucial to sift through features, compatibility, and security levels to find the perfect match for your door. Think about what you value most: Is it connectivity with other smart devices, the strength of the lock itself, or maybe the convenience of remote access?


In this guide, we'll walk you through the maze of choices to find a smart lock that fits your life like a glove, enhancing safety without sacrificing ease. Because when it comes to protecting your home, only the best will do. Let's secure your decision with informed confidence.


Understanding Smart Lock Technology

A smart lock, which connects through WiFi or Bluetooth, lets you lock or unlock your door with a finger tap or a voice command, eliminating the need for keys. You can also open your door for a visitor from work using its remote access feature.


Types of Smart Locks

Every family has unique security needs; fortunately, there's a lockout that designed to meet those needs. Let's check out some top smart lock options:


These smart locks are quite flexible. They unlock when they notice a particular device, like your phone, nearby. You can set them up to recognize multiple gadgets and decide who gets in and when.


Biometric smart locks check a part of your body, like your fingerprint, to decide if you can enter. Some of the fancier ones even scan your eye to recognize you.



RFID locks use radio waves to pick up on unique cards or critical fobs you carry, letting the proper people open doors. This is what many office buildings use.



Smart locks on Wi-Fi are often part of a more extensive home security system. They connect to your home's smart hub, and you control them with your phone. Perfect for keeping tabs on who's entering and leaving, making them a hit with prominent families.



Z-Wave locks are different from Wi-Fi ones because they don't talk to your phone as directly. They need a smart home hub to translate their signal for your router. With this setup, you can watch and manage your locks from afar. They're also tougher for hackers to mess with.



Locks with a keypad require a secret number to be entered before the door opens. These are pretty standard in places you rent, like Airbnbs. You can create a code for each visitor and change it when they leave.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Smart Lock in 2024

The ideal smart lock in  2024 should keep your home protected, work well with the tech you already have, let you manage who gets in easily, and fit into your everyday life, making things super handy. Let's make sense of all the details together.


Security - The Cornerstone of Smart Locks

At the heart of a smart lock's appeal is its ability to safeguard your home. Before anything else, examine the security features meticulously. Look for encryption - the process that scrambles your data to prevent unauthorized access - which should be a standard offering. High-quality smart locks typically use advanced encryption methods, such as AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), to secure the communication between your lock, smartphone, and any other connected devices.

Additionally, pay attention to safety certifications from recognized institutions. For instance, a smart lock with an ANSI/BHMA (American National Standards Institute/ Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association) grade will have undergone rigorous testing for security and durability, providing you with confidence in your lock's capacity to resist tampering and forced entry.

Compatibility - A Seamless Fit

Before taking the plunge, ensure that the smart lock you're eyeing matches your door. Various smart locks are designed with specific door types and sizes in mind, so it's essential to confirm whether your door's composition, alignment, and dimensions align with the smart lock’s requirements.

Furthermore, consider your broader smart home ecosystem. If you have a virtual assistant like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Apple HomeKit, you'd want a smart lock that can easily integrate into your existing smart home network. This step is vital for a streamlined, interconnected smart home experience.

A great example is WELOCK Smart Lock Touch41, the epitome of security and convenience compatible with Euro Cylinder Lock. This sophisticated 3-in-1 device offers seamless access through fingerprint recognition, an RFID card, and a Bluetooth app. Enhance your peace of mind with remote control capability when paired with WELOCK Wifibox, allowing you to monitor activity and receive notifications. The WELOCK App, supporting both iOS and Android platforms, provides an effortless user experience.

Access Control - The Power of User Management

A key advantage of smart locks is their ability to provide flexible access control. Pin codes, mobile apps, and even biometrics are standard methods these locks use to grant or deny entry. When choosing, consider how many people will need access to your home and in what capacity. Some smart locks offer temporary keys or codes perfect for guests or service workers without giving them permanent access.

User management is also crucial, particularly if you have a large household or share access with various people. Opt for a smart lock that allows you to easily add and remove users, set individual access schedules, or even monitor entry and exit logs.

Enhance your entry management with the WELOCK Smart Lock PCB41, a versatile solution tailored for Euro Cylinder Lock compatibility. This 3-in-1 access control system empowers users to unlock doors utilizing a Keypad, RFID card, or Bluetooth-enabled devices, with the added convenience of a remote operation via the WELOCK Wifibox. Stay informed on the go with real-time activity monitoring and notifications. With the user-friendly WELOCK App, iOS and Android users can enjoy seamless control and management.

Convenience - Your Lifestyle in Lockstep

Smart locks are designed to make life simpler. For instance, if you're someone who regularly has their hands full upon arriving home, look for features like geofencing, which unlocks your door as you approach, or auto-locking, which secures your door automatically after a set period.

Equally important is the installation process. Some smart locks can be a breeze to install, while others might require a professional touch. Balance the convenience these gadgets offer with your comfort level in setting them up or your willingness to hire help.

Design and Aesthetics

Design matters, even with smart locks. Opting for a model that complements your door's look can delight home entry. Aesthetic appeal is personal, but don't overlook durability and how the lock blends with your home's vibe. If you adore a modern touch, go for sleek lines and subtle hues, or choose classic designs that echo traditional charm. Remember, the right smart lock should feel like a natural extension of your home, enhancing both security and style.


User Reviews and Community Feedback


When searching for a smart lock, peer insights can be invaluable. User reviews often reveal the candid reality of a product's daily performance. These evaluations, written by individuals who've installed and lived with the smart lock, provide first-hand knowledge of its reliability, ease of use, and potential quirks. By sifting through feedback, you're benefiting from others' experiences and pinpointing common issues that might not be apparent from a product description alone.


Community forums and Q&A sections are also goldmines for practical wisdom. Engaging with these online conversations can highlight how responsive and helpful the company is when problems arise. Are users getting the solutions they need? Is there a sense of mutual support? These interactions' tone and solution-focused nature reflect the brand's commitment to its community.


Price vs Performance


We all seek value for our money, so when comparing smart locks, it's crucial to weigh price against performance. Expensive doesn't always equate to better. Sometimes, a less costly model offers the core functions you need without the frills that you don’t. Alternatively, paying more upfront for a robust build and advanced features like voice activation or compatibility with smart home ecosystems may save you money and headaches in the long run.


Do I Need a Smart Lock?

Technology has revolutionized how we secure our homes, and smart locks are at the forefront of this change. Here’s why upgrading to a smart lock is beneficial for any household.

1. Say Goodbye to Lost Keys

We've all experienced the mini heart attack that comes with misplacing keys. A smart lock eliminates this issue using codes, smartphone connections, or even biometrics for entry. Not only does this provide relief, but it also means you won't have to hide a spare key outside your door—a practice that's not as safe as one might think.

2. Control Access Remotely

With a smart lock, you can grant access your home from anywhere. Whether you have guests arriving while you're still at work or a family member who forgot their code, you can unlock your door with a simple tap on your phone. This feature offers convenience without compromising security.

3. Track Who Comes and Goes

Smart locks keep an activity log, allowing you to see who has entered your home and at what times. This is incredibly helpful for parents who want to ensure their kids arrive home safely from school. It also adds a layer of security by alerting you to any unusual activity.

4. Enhanced Security Features

Traditional locks can be picked or bumped, but smart locks often come with built-in alarms and tamper-proof features that make them much harder to compromise. Additionally, many models allow you to set temporary codes that expire after a set period, providing peace of mind when you need to give someone short-term access.

5. Seamless Integration with Smart Home Systems

Smart locks smoothly integrate with other smart devices for those who love a connected home. Imagine your lights turning on as you unlock your door or your thermostat adjusting to your preferred temperature as soon as you enter the house. This synergy not only simplifies life but can also help with energy savings.


In conclusion, choosing the best smart lock for your needs in 2024 marries security with convenience. Consider compatibility with your door and existing smart home systems, battery life, and the lock's security features. Look for user-friendly management through robust apps, and prioritize models that receive consistent updates to stay ahead of potential security threats.

Select a smart lock with a straightforward installation process and reliable customer support. The WELOCK smart lock for you will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, bolstering your home's defense while simplifying entry. With these guidelines, you're now equipped to make an informed decision. Welcome to a smarter, safer home.





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