Are Smart Door Locks Safe?


Smart door locks are becoming increasingly popular as our homes get smarter. With the convenience of keyless entry and the ability to control access via smartphones, it's tempting to make the switch. But how do they stack up in terms of safety and security?

Understanding Smart Door Locks

A smart door lock provides keyless entry to your home, often replacing or integrating with your existing lock. WELOCK smart devices (smart locks and wifibox) can be controlled remotely, allowing you to manage access from anywhere.


The Mechanisms of Smart Locks 

The mechanical lock, the interface, and the digital keys are the essential components of a smart lock. Some smart locks can automatically lock or unlock as you approach using Bluetooth, while others integrate with smart home systems like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

WELOCK smart door locks provide a variety of benefits, including increased safety and convenience by allowing access to be controlled via PIN code, RFID cards, fingerprint, Bluetooth and even smartphones. it also works with Alexa.


Backup Entry Methods 

In case you're without your smartphone, smart locks usually come with alternatives like a physical key, RFID card, or Fingerprint  to ensure you're never locked out.

With WELOCK smart lock, don't worry if your lock loses power, you can unlock your door with a portable charger until you can replace your batteries (Note: The lock does not support the charging function)


Keeping Your Smart Lock Secure 

To mitigate risks, regularly update your smart lock's password or PIN, don't share them outside your household, and promptly change them after giving access to service personnel.


Smart Door Lock vs Traditional

Both smart and traditional locks have vulnerabilities. The key advantage of smart locks is the ability to control access without physical keys, reducing the risk of keys being stolen or copied.

Features Smart Door Locks Traditional Locks
Locking Mechanism Electronic or biometric Mechanical
Key Type PIN code, smartphone, biometric, remote key fob Physical key
Access Control Can grant or revoke access remotely, customizable access for different users Physical key required for access, no remote control
Integration with Smart Home Systems Often integrates with other smart home devices and systems No integration with smart home systems
Remote Access Can lock and unlock remotely via smartphone or internet No remote access capability
User Tracking and Notifications Provides history of lock usage and real-time notifications No tracking or notifications
Installation Complexity Varies, some models are easy to install, others require professional installation Simple, often DIY installation
Power Source Battery-powered or wired to home electricity No power source required
Cost Generally more expensive Generally less expensive
Security Features Advanced features like encryption, alarm systems, tamper alerts, and potential for remote lockout in case of security breaches Depends on the lock quality, generally less advanced than smart locks, primarily relies on physical strength of the lock and door


Are Digital Door Locks Secure? 

When compared to manual locks, digital locks are equally safe. It is important to note, however, that the quality of the materials used in the digital locks also plays a role in ensuring their effectiveness. The high-quality materials used in the WELOCK smart lock are 304 Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Plastic.

When used correctly and with the right precautions, smart locks can be as secure as traditional locks. They offer the convenience of remote access and can integrate with other smart home security devices.


The Pros and Cons of Smart Locks 

Smart locks bring a lot of convenience and can deter thieves due to their high-tech appearance. However, they are generally more expensive, and reliance on technology can introduce new vulnerabilities.


Making the Right Choice for Your Home 

Whether a smart lock is right for you will depend on weighing the benefits against the potential risks. Consider your lifestyle, the value you place on convenience, and your readiness to adopt new technology.



Smart locks represent the next step in home security for many, bringing both convenience and a modern layer of protection. As with all technology, being informed and cautious is key to ensuring your home stays safe.

Despite the fact that smart door locks are not 100% secure, they are the safest locks you can use. WELOCK smart lock takes pride in being a top-rated source for premium, low-cost smart locks of all kinds. Our smart locks are made with high-quality materials, cutting-edge technology, and expert craftsmanship.

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