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WELOCK WiFibox bridge for Remote Unlocking

WELOCK WiFibox bridge for Remote Unlocking

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How the WELOCK Wifibox works

Linking Alexa through the WELOCK Wifibox to achieve voice control unlocking

Remotely Control

The WELOCK Wifibox lets you access your smart lock remotely. Take control of your smart lock wherever you are, connect to Alexa remote unlock.

Voice control

The gateway cooperates with Alexa to realize voice control through Alexa device. One gateway can be paired with multiple smart locks.

Simple Setting

The setting can be completed in a few minutes. Please note that the distance between the gateway and the smart door lock cannot exceed 32.8 feet (10 meters), and your smart phone and the gateway must be connected to the same network.


This gateway is compatible with all WELOCK smart door locks, suitable for smart door locks under the control of WELOCK App.


When do I need a WELOCK Wifibox?

The WELOCK Wifibox brings your WELOCK smart lock online. You can control and manage them remotely at any time with the WELOCK app. With the WELOCK Wifibox, you can lock and unlock your door on the go, view the activity log or assign access permissions.

The following products are compatible with the WELOCK Wifibox:
WELOCK smart lock touch41
WELOCK smart lock touch41 mini
WELOCK smart lock pcb41
WELOCK smart lock pcb45
WELOCK smart lock secbr
WELOCK smart lock secbn51

If you don’t plan on controlling your smart lock remotely, you don’t need a Wifibox. In this case, you operate your Smart Lock via Bluetooth

How to connect the WELOCK Wifibox?

Please use your mobile browser to scan the QR code image on the lock, download a WELOCK App and register an account. After entering the App, first click "+" to add a lock. Then click the "+" in the upper right corner again to add a WELOCK Wifibox.

During the connection process, please check if the following has been completed
1. Please make sure that the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and the Bluetooth of the lock cylinder are turned on.
2. The distance between the lock and the Wifibox is preferably within 5 meters, and there should be no wall in the middle.
3. Please bind the gateway in WELOCK App, and the WELOCK account needs to be bound to the lock cylinder, and the Wifibox and the lock need to be added under the same account.
4. The WiFi name and password entered when connecting to the Wifibox must be the same as the WiFi connection to the mobile phone.

Can I connect the multiple WELOCK smart locks with a WELOCK Wifibox

Generally speaking, multiple WELOCK devices can be connected to a WELOCK Wifibox at the same time. It is important, however, that each device is within Bluetooth range (max. 5 meters) of the Wifibox.

Does the WELOCK smart lock works without the Wifibox?


With the WELOCK Wifibox, you can control and manage WELOCK smart locks remotely at any time with your smartphone.

If you don’t plan on controlling your smart lock remotely, you don’t need a Wifibox. In this case, you operate your Smart Lock via Bluetooth.

PS:the WELOCK smart lock not include wifi gateway. You need buy it separatly or buy our lock wifibox set.