What Are Smart Locks?


Intelligent door locks have become a revolutionary milestone in home and office security in an ever-changing world. Smart locks, unlike traditional locks, provide increased security, convenience, and remote control. This article defines smart locks and discusses their importance in our daily lives.

What are Smart Locks?

A smart lock, such as the WELOCK intelligent door lock, is an electromechanical device that allows users to unlock a door with various methods like a smartphone app, fingerprint, keypad, RFID card, or even voice commands. These locks often feature connectivity options like Bluetooth or WiFibox, enabling remote access and activity monitoring. Digital door locks and electronic door locks are other terms used to describe these advanced devices.

What is the WELOCK smart lock cylinder?

The WELOCK smart lock cylinder is designed to suit the characteristics of doors in different countries and is suitable for use with Euro lock cylinders and, of course, British lock cylinders.

Features of Smart Door Locks

1. Keyless Entry
The smart door locks provide keyless entry via PIN codes, biometrics (fingerprint), or voice activation. These alternatives are more convenient and eliminate the need for physical keys. Keyless entry methods offer convenience, enhanced security, and flexibility by eliminating the need for physical keys. They enable you to enter your home using a personal code, biometric data, or voice command, making access easier and reducing the risk of keys being lost or stolen.
2. Voice Assistant
Some smart door locks also integrate with home automation systems such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Apple HomeKit, allowing you to control your lock through voice commands. WELOCK smart lock can integrate with Amazon Alexa (WELOCK Wifibox required) , then you can control the smart door lock with your voice.
3. Activity Monitoring
Simply touch a button on your smartphone to unlock or lock your doors from anywhere. All unlocked records will be synced to the Welock app, where you can view them. who came into your home and when.
4. Temporary Access
No more waiting behind doors. If you frequently find that guests and visitors are waiting for you to arrive home, you can solve the problem by creating a digital key that you can send to someone else's phone so that they can unlock the door.
5. Battery Life and Backup: 
The WELOCK smart door lock is powered by 3A batteries, You can lock and unlock your door up to 8000 times with batteries! With 10 opening/closing operations per day, each battery set should provide one year of service. Don't worry if your lock loses power! You can unlock your door with a portable charger until you can replace your batteries.(Note: The charging function is not supported by the lock.)

The Future of Smart Locks

The future of smart door locks is inextricably linked to technological advancements. Potential trends in the industry include more sophisticated biometric systems, integration with home automation systems, and even AI-powered security features. These advances will change the way we think about home and office security.


Smart locks, particularly the WELOCK smart lock, have become indispensable to modern security solutions. Their ability to provide enhanced security, convenience, and control makes them a worthy consideration for anyone looking to upgrade their home or office security systems. As technology evolves, smart locks will undoubtedly become an even more integral part of our daily security needs.
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