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WELOCK Smart Lock PCB45 Keypad Door Lock

WELOCK Smart Lock PCB45 Keypad Door Lock

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1. WELOCK PCB45 is suitable for Euro Cylinder Lock 
2. 3 in 1 easy to use: Open your door by Keypad, RFID card and Bluetooth App
3. Remotely control (WELOCK Wifibox required)
4. Activity monitoring & notifications
5. WELOCK App is available for iOS and Android
6. Shop with confidence with WELOCK 2-year Warranty
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Unlock the door with keypad and RFID cards

Easily unlock your door by entering a password, or swiping your RFID card. Memory for up to 10 personal codes (1 with admin function) Up to 20 cards can be paired.


Control from anywhere using the WELOCK App

Unlock or lock your doors from anywhere—just a tap of a button on yoursmartphone! All unlocked records will be synced to the Welock app, so that you can see exactly who has been entering your home and when.

Share Temporary Access Password

Give your trusted people the authorization toopen the door using atemporary password. Instead of leaving your keys for someone.

No Fear Of Empty Batteries

With 3A batteries, you can lock/unlock your door up to 8000 times! With ten opening/closing operations per day, that means you can expect 1 year of runtime from each battery set.

If your lock runs out of power, don't fret! You can use a portable charger to unlock your door until you can replace your batteries.

Reliable and secure

Electrostatic protection up to 30,000 volts. Waterproof: IP65 Safety in case of fire, etc: can always be opened from the inside. Up to 10 million closures. Working Temperature: -30℃~60℃


Easy Installation

The WELOCK Smart Lock installation takes less than 10 minutes. Do not need locksmith. Just follow the instruction of the included installation manual and assembly video. It's super easy to install the smart lock by yourself within 10 minutes.

Product FAQs

How secure is the WELOCK smart Lock?

WELOCK smart lock uses state-of-the-art banking-grade encryption technology. Every communication with our smart lock is encrypted and protected. The encryption of each lock and each communication is different. We also have our Smart Lock period inspected and certified by an independent security agency each year.

What happens if the battery dies while my lock is locked?

You can use a power banck to unlock your door until you can replace your batteries.

Where can i install my WELOCK smart lock?

You can install the WELOCK smart lock in your apartment, at the front door or even in the garage. As long as the door meets the installation requirements of our locks.

How long is the warranty? 

WELOCK smart lock comes with a 2-year warranty. If you have a product quality problem within 2 years of receiving the product, we will replace your WELOCK smart lock with a new one.